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WEBINAR: What to do after a data breach

So your customer suspects they may have a cyber security incident – what should they expect and how can you walk them through it? Blaine C. Kimrey of Vedder Price has the answers.

Before anything else, Blaine urges customers to call a lawyer or “breach coach” like Blaine himself. This is a crucial first step to get a handle on the situation before it becomes more of a problem. Typically, Blaine will ask his clients questions about the nature of the exploit such as, “What’s happening? What’s been done so far? What’s being done to make sure no evidence is being destroyed?” If the wrong action is taken prematurely, it can exacerbate the situation and trigger a “parade of horribles,” in Blaine’s words.

After the “breach coach” has a handle on the situation, they’ll likely advise the customer to notify the insurance company claims department. Next, they’ll help select vendors for forensics, ID theft protection, and press relations. Finally, during clean-up and remediation, the “breach coach” will determine who, if anybody, needs to be notified of the incident – be it record holders or regulators.

The ultimate goal of the “breach coach” is to help minimize the potential for 3rd party risk. With the right team and protection in place, you can help your customer stop a bad situation from becoming a devastating one.

Watch the webinar: