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The holidays are done- time to think about what’s next.

In the wake of outlets like WSJ and Experian raising concern about cyber breaches, everyone knows how stressful spending can be – especially during the holidays when the risks of cyber threats are known to be at least 20% higher.

Empower your customers to spend all year long with these simple tips:

1. Whether you solicit donations, have an e-commerce shop, or are driving traffic to your brick and mortar store, email campaigns can be a great tool for holiday marketing. Just remember – sales and transactions should only take place on your secure homepage. This instills confidence in the buyer.

2. Make sure your website is HTTPS protected so that personal data is always encrypted.

3. Require your consumers and employees to have strong passwords and make sure they change them at least once a year.

4. Brand your website with a privacy statement. Stating openly that you value privacy can show your commitment to cyber security and gain trust from customers. Need a little more advice on best practices? We’ve got you covered.

5. Use good vendors. From credit card transactions to data storage companies, it’s important to trust those who process or store your company’s data. Vet them well and always be in the know about their cyber insurance policies.

6. Lastly (but certainly not least), talk to your employees. Communication is a vital part of data security. All it takes is something simple like online shopping, opening attachments in a fraudulent email, or even clicking on the wrong Facebook link – and next thing you know a security breach is under way. Avoid malpractices by ensuring everyone in your company is aware and on the same page. Learn more about employee training here.

Make 2018 the year of better cyber security practices.